Quit Smoking now in just 1 session with a Quit Smoking Coach!

Certified NLP Practitioner

As an NLP Practitioner, you are one step away from becoming a Quit Smoking Coach.

The foundation of the Quit Smoking Coach Program is developed from an NLP standpoint. We know that Coaches and Therapists trained as NLP Practitioners have an enormous amount of skill and knowledge in relation to:

  • Building and maintaining rapport
  • Understanding and explaining the unconscious mind
  • NLP processes and techniques including submodalities, anchors, parts integration, Ericksonian hypnosis, time line, states and much more
  • Understanding and respecting your clients model of the world through their representational systems, meta programs and language patterns
  • Understanding and using the mind-body connection to help change and transform a present state to a desired state
  • Exceptional questioning skills using Meta Model, Well Formed Outcomes and Neuro-Logical Levels

Because this foundation has already been built, you are ready to become a Quit Smoking Coach. As you continue to work with clients your skills will grow even more and you will develop your coaching with even more refined skills.

The developers of the Quit Smoking Coach program are international NLP Master Trainers and they have been working in the field of NLP since 1994 and 2000 respectively. The program you receive as a Quit Smoking Coach includes a step-by-step approach to tailoring a coaching session to your clients needs. It will include the use of many NLP techniques whichare not included or taught in the Quit Smoking Coach – it is presupposed that you already have these skills and resources. If by chance you are not trained in NLP, we highly discourage applying to become a Quit Smoking Coach – the success of this program relies on each of our Coaches to have been certified as NLP Practitioners or NLP Master Practitioners.

What will I receive as a Quit Smoking Coach:

Our intention it to set you up for success as a Quit Smoking Coach. No matter if you are a seasoned coach or just starting out, this program will help you to create a successful coaching practice assisting people to regain their health, life and self.  Once you register as a Quit Smoking Coach you will receive:

  • A ready-made ‘business in a box’ where you will apply your knowledge and skills of NLP
  • A comprehensive training manual with a step-by-step program tailored to your clients needs
  • A listing on the Quit Smoking Coach website
  • The title of Quit Smoking Coach
  • Coaching forms: Client Intake Form, Quit Smoking Questionnaire, Quit Smoking Personal History, Quit Smoking Achievable Outcome
  • Six Ericksonian scripts
  • Three additional NLP processes
  • Ready to Print and Artwork Templates for: Business Cards, Print Advertisements, Website Banners, Post Cards, Logos
  • Ongoing program updates
  • and much, much more!

What is the process to get started as a Quit Smoking Coach?

If you already have a Coaching practice, its just a matter of registering as a Quit Smoking Coach and letting your clients know a new service you offer and setting up your listing on the Quit Smoking Website. We have advertising and marketing material ready for you (you can even work directly with our designer to customize your artwork).

If you are new to Coaching, you will set up your listing on the Quit Smoking Website and get your own marketing started. Although our website traffic is growing daily, we still encourage you to do your own marketing in your area. The more you set yourself up for success, the more successful you will be. We have advertising and marketing material ready for you (you can even work directly with our designer to customize your artwork).

How do I qualify as a Senior Quit Smoking Coach?

Once you have been working as a Quit Smoking Coach for a year, if you also have completed your NLP Master Practitioner Certification you will be upgraded to the status of Senior Quit Smoking Coach. Most of our Senior coaches work with a variety of issues in their practice, not only smoking cessation. We recommend training with the Worldwide Institutes of NLP, headquartered in Sydney. Please see for more information.

What is my earning potential as a Quit Smoking Coach?

Ultimately, the sky is the limit! We do stress and urge an important point: being a quit smoking coach is about helping people, not about making money. If you main reason for becoming a Quit Smoking Coach is for the income, we encourage you to do something else. Yes, you will make money, and can potentially make a lot of money. However, in our experience, the best coaches are those that genuinely desire to assist their clients and a secondary benefit is getting paid well to do that.

Now, lets talk money. Each coach is responsible for setting their own rates. We encourage all of our coaches to find out how much coaches and therapists in their location are changing. A reasonable range is $100-250 per one-hour coaching session. With only 10 clients per week having their two-hour coaching session, this equates to $2,000 to $4,000 per week. Some clients will require additional coaching sessions, this is normally charged at your normal hourly rate.

What is my investment to become a Quit Smoking Coach?

The Quit Smoking Coach program is a simple to use program for people like yourself who are already trained as an NLP Practitioner. Due to your previous training, the investment to become a Quit Smoking Coach is simple. The initial cost is $2495.00 (AUD) for the program and then $895.00 each year to keep your license as a Quit Smoking Coach.

Additional costs may include: registering as a business with your local government, printing of business cards and marketing material, advertising and marketing efforts to draw more clients to you.

How do I register?

Easy – Paying in full? Then simply complete this online form and you are well on your way!

Do you want a payment plan? Just six easy payments of $450? Then just complete this form and you are good to go!

Once you register your Quit Smoking Coach manual will be sent to you via email automatically.

Can I view the Terms and Conditions of the Quit Smoking Coach Program?

Absolutely! Our Coach Terms and Conditions can be found here.

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