About Our Coaching Program

The Quit Smoking Coach program is one of the simplest, most concise and successful programs available today.

Your Coach is trained specifically in the skills which will help you to once and for all quit smoking. 94% of our clients quit smoking after just one session. Here’s what a typical Coaching Session with a Quit Smoking Coach may look like:

  • Introduction and overview of the Quit Smoking Program
  • Identification of your smoking behavior and triggers
  • Coaching regarding your desire to quit smoking
  • Integration process to align the part of you that is a smoker with the part of you that is a non-smoker
  • Light hypnotic techniques to clear your pattern of smoking and solidify your desire to be a non-smoker
  • Tailored coaching to change your patterns for relaxation, cravings, addiction, habits and behaviors
  • Future pacing your life as a non-smoker

Please schedule 2 hours for this coaching session. With many coaches can choose from working with your coach in person, on the phone or via Skype.

If you require additional sessions, they will be specifically tailored to your needs and further assist you to become a non-smoker. Each session thereafter will last for 60 minutes.

After Your Coaching Session

You will receive a daily email from your Coach for three weeks. This is a short email which will continue to remind you of your journey and assist you to continue to be a non-smoker. Additionally, you can contact your Coach via email for any support for free during the month following your initial session. Our goal and intention is to help you to be a non-smoker. We will help in any way we can.


The fees for working with a Quit Smoking Coach are set by the Coaches themselves. Their fees are aligned with their professional experience, qualifications, time in this field and location. We recommend contacting a coach near you to find out their rates. As a guideline, Quit Smoking Coaches generally charge between $100-200 per hour. Please keep in mind that the first session is two hours in duration, and fee. Find a Quit Smoking Coach near you. 

Become a Coach