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Terms & Conditions

As a Quit Smoking Coach, you purchase the rights to use our service for a period of your subscription. It is your responsibility to maintain and update your details on the Quit Smoking Coach website and renew your subscription when it is due. The subscription duration when you become a Quit Smoking Coach before July 1, 2011 is 18 months. After your initial 18 months your subscription duration is 12 months.

You will be notified by email two weeks prior to your annual subscription renewal – any subscriptions which are not renewed after 7 days past the renewal date will become inactive. The Coach website listing will be removed and website privileges revoked. Past Coaches are no longer eligible to use the Quit Smoking Coach processes and scripts, cannot use the Quit Smoking Coach logo, advertising material or make use of the Quit Smoking Coach title or reference.

Quit Smoking Coach is not responsible for the quality of your service and does not guarantee your work. If a client requests a subsequent visit, it is up to you to perform the service at a time and date suitable to you both. Should you no longer be a Quit Smoking Coach, Quit Smoking Coach is not liable for the service to your clients.
The prerequisite to your success as a Quit Smoking Coach is completion of a recognized NLP Practitioner Certification. Should you not have these skills, it is highly recommended that you gain this qualification prior to starting as a Quit Smoking Coach. The Quit Smoking Coach manual will not teach you the NLP skills required to be successful for your clients.
Online advertising and marketing is provided by Quit Smoking Coach to attract potential clients to find your details on the Quit Smoking Coach website. Quit Smoking Coach is not responsible for your business, clients, income or number of clients you work with. Any supplemental advertising you do will add to your own success.
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