94.5% of people with a Quit Smoking Coach quit smoking in only 1 session!

Your Quit Smoking Coach

Congratulations! You’ve decided to quit smoking. This is one of the most important gifts that you will ever give yourself! Health, freedom and happiness.

You are about to find a Quit Smoking Coach and quit once and for all. No matter if this is your first, third or thousandth time giving up – this time is for good!

In just one two hour session you can be smoke free forever!

To support you in your goals to be a non smoker, we have a variety of Coaches available to you. What you will find is that our coaching is different.

Many other programs available today utilize a quick-form of hypnosis, which is not always long lasting; some charge outrageous amounts, which creates a placebo effect for you to quit smoking; and often quit smoking helpers just use ‘scripted’ techniques not tailored to you.

Our Coaching program was developed by professional coaches and people who used to smoke. We utilize a combination of traditional coaching techniques, Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques and some hypnotherapy approaches – all of your the coaching you receive will be tailored specifically for you. No two people will receive the same coaching.

Your coaching doesn’t stop once you’ve walked out of our office.

After your first coaching session, you will receive regular email contact from your coach and additional support should you require it.  Additionally, you will be offered the chance to be a part of a longitudinal study on smoking cessation.

Most people (94% of our clients over the past 5 years) have quit smoking after just one two-hour session with a Quit Smoking Coach. Others may require a total of 2-3 sessions depending on any underlying benefits or gains from smoking.

We look forward to being involved in your journey to be a non-smoker. Finally.

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