Become a Coach

Being a coach is a rewarding career. As a Quit Smoking Coach you not only will have a rewarding career, you will be making a life-long difference in people’s lives.

Looking at smoking from a purely health perspective, take the following statistics into consideration:

  • Smoking is believed to cause 10 million deaths by the year 2020.
  • Early death is 2-3 times more likely by smokers.
  • Smoking is estimated to reduce a persons life by 12 years.
  • Smoking kills more people each year than  the total number killed by drink, drugs, murder, suicide, road crashes, rail crashes, air crashes, poisoning, drowning, fires, falls, lightning, electrocution, snakes spiders and sharks.

For our society, the number of non-smokers and ex-smokers is on the rise. However, to quit smoking on ones own fruition can be a challenging task. In 2005 we developed and have been working with our Quit Smoking Coach program with great success.

There is a high need for quality programs that help smokers to change their thoughts, emotions and behaviors around smoking. Since 2005, 94.5% of our clients quit smoking in just one two-hour coaching session.

Many of our coaches incorporate the Quit Smoking Coach program into their other coaching and therapy work with clients, while some focus solely on improving the health of their clients with this program.

No matter if you are already a coach, desire to be a coach, want to coach full-time, part-time or just help a few people around you – becoming a Quit Smoking Coach is beneficial and rewarding to you and your clients.

There are numerous benefits for joining the team as a Quit Smoking Coach

  • Excellent stand-alone business or add-on to your current Coaching practice
  • Use your skills as a coach to create a financially viable company quickly
  • Ready-made ‘business in a box’ where you will apply your knowledge
  • Marketing and advertising materials ready to print
  • Ongoing updates and improvements available to all active subscribers
  • Monthly tutorial webinars where your questions will be answered
  • National advertising campaign conducted by Quit Smoking Coach to drive traffic to you
  • Online community of coaches to learn from and with

From a monetary point of view, becoming a Quit Smoking Coach has its benefits. Most coaches charge $100-200+ per hour. With only 10 Quit Smoking clients per week having their two-hour coaching session, this equals $2,000 to $4,000 of income each week – in part time hours!

The basis of our program has its foundation in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. As such, the pre-requisite to becoming a Quit Smoking Coach is completing an NLP Practitioner Certification training. If you have not yet completed your NLP training, we have some recommendations for you on subsequent pages. If you have completed your NLP training, you’re only a few clicks away from becoming a Quit Smoking Coach.

To let us help you best, please choose which option fits you best. On the next pages we will discuss with you how the program works, the subscription rates and how we will help you add to your current Coaching practice or help you build an outstanding Coaching practice.

Become a Coach